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Aug 2021

Note from our Chairman Bob. RAFHAA and 90th Reunion in 2022. 'Last Postings' of Eric (Scouce) Moore, Mike Giles Lowman and Peter McClaron. A plea from Ray Thompson. Jesse Consant's Lightning Experience. Bob Heyhoe's mini Break. Welcome back to Bernie Leverette. A little bit of Humour and a Summary byt Frank Denton-Powell.

Sept 2020

Intro from Vic and Keith. New members Chris Hawes and Colin James with their Potted Histories. RAFHAA update link and snippets from Colin Jones.

Dec 2019

New member Robert Goddard and his Potted History. Last posting of Colin "Hank" Hankinson and Edgar "Ed" Taylor. Nostalgia Corner from Vic, Phil Sprinks and Mick Tilley.

Sept 2019

Welcome Erin Blackwood - Honorary Member of the 90th Entry Society. - Who is Where from Ray Thompson - 90 degrees report from Sam Weller - Security Incident by Bill Goble -

May 2019

Too many Last postings! with tributes where possible - A good read Saga from Mel Waters.

Jan 2019

'Thoughts of Chairman Bob' -
60th Anniversary Report (belated)
Farewell to Stan Rowley.

Jul 2018

Sad loss of Chaz Collier, 90th Reunion itineray, Les Nettleton's Potted History and Brat chat from Vic Wise.

Oct 2017

Updates on Web site - Updates on Halton closure - Brat chat from Vic Wise, Speedy Annis, plus Part 2 of Ray Thompson's Memoirs of Halton.

Mar 2017

90th Issue - Brat chat from Sam, Bob, Croc Branchett,Chas Collier, Tim Cherry plus Part 1 of Ray Thompson's Memoirs of Halton.

Oct 2016

Farewell to Malcolm Smith. 2016 Reunion and Halton Triennial. The Annual Ode from Dave Branchett.

June 2016

Farewell to 'Taff' Morgan'
Jo 'Speedy Annis' Potted History.

Mar 2016

Australian Mini Reunion - with the Wise Brains
Various News Updates

Dec 2015

York Reunion Report - Annual Ode from Dave Branchett - Various Mini Reunions.

Sept 2016

50th Anniversary of Halton Apprenticeship scheme - David Brain Potted History Part II.
'A Life Looking Up' Sandra Brain. Letters to Editor

July 2015

Vulcan To The Skies - the last flight weekend memories. David Brain Potted History Part i - Letters to Editor. Melbourne meet-up.

June 2015

Farewell to 'Flash' Levoir - Perth Reunion - 'A Service Brat' by Jane Weller. Mini-meets.

May 2015

Anzac Day Reunion - 90th Entry contingent from UK join the Aussie Brats.

Dec 2013
  Memories of Singapore - Sandra Brain -
Memories of a Camp Follower - by Gwyneth Wise. War Graves visit from Tim Cherry - Mini Reunion.

Dec 2013

Society Report - Camp Followers News from Jane Weller - Old Man Parkers Kitchen Issue!



Oct 2014

Farewell to Dallas Payne - Reunion Report - Decision re subscriptions - - mini-meetings - Australia by Tom Flett.

June 2014

National Arboretum Gathering - Brat Chat from Ray Thompson and Chas Collier.

Mar 2014

Farewell to “Buck” Carveth - Brat Chat form Speedy Annis - Stuff from Australia.

Dec 2013

Christmas Bumper Edition packed with Brat Chat, seasonal joviality and recent gatherings reports Plus of course Vic's Aviation Trivia page.


Oct 2013

Catch up on Committee matters, Reunion/Triennial gatherings - interim report from President Sam.


Aug 2013

Welcome New member David Brain - 13/5 Sooties Mid-Summer BBQ - Tom Flett's (un)Potted History - Vic's Aviation Trivia page

July 2013

90* South Meeting Report from Sam, Brat Chat from Chas, Danny Breen, Al Parker, Vic Wise


Mar 2013

Reunion Time Tables - Hoof Proudfoot proposals from Bob Heyhoe - Bloodhound Missile Group -Trivia from Vic Wise


Jan 2013

New Year update with some brat chat, trivia and welcome to new member.
Also details of recent gatherings and reunions


July 2012

Brat Chat, Trivia and Arboretum visit update.


Mar 2012

Email advice from Chas Collier, Web site update and small ads proposal from Keith Tippey. Brat Chat from Tim Cherry, Crock Branchett and Vic Wise.


Dec 2011

Some amusing Adverts from Al 'Old Man' Parker.

Brat Chat from Bob Heyhoe, Vic Wise, Andy Spanner and of course Chas Collier



Oct 2011

Potted History for Al 'Old Man' Parker.

Brat Chat from Al Parker, Dad Jones, Jeff Morris and Chas Collier



Sept 2011



Sad loss of Dickie Bird

Golden Anniversary reviews from Sam Weller, Bob Heyhoe and Vic Wise



July 2011

Brat Chat from John Best. Pete Eccles, Keith Tippey and Rat Thompson.


June 2011

Brat Chat from Dickie Bird, Pete Eccles, Bob Heyhoe and Vic Wise.

Poets Corner is well visited this month


May 2011

New style newsletter layout wilt Brat Chat from Andy Spanner and Vic Wise.

Poets Corner is well visited this month


April 2011

Meeting Updates from Bob Heyhoe and Sam Weller - Brat Chat Vic Wise, Dickie Bird, Norm Allen and Chas Collier. Photo update from Ray Thompson.


Mar 2011

Australia Update from Vic - Brat Chat from Norm Allen and Chas Collier. Photo recky from Ray Thompson and Sootie meeting invite.


Feb 2011

Stop Press news - Forum Update from Vic - Brat Chat from Dickie Bird and Chas Collier. New members - Sad News


Jan 2011

New Year Edition - Chairmans special message - Brat Chat from Norm Allen, Keith Tippey, John Best and Chas Collier. New Brat gallery from Ray


Dec 2010

Christmas Edition - potted history from John Best and Nobby Cobb - Brat Chat from Vic Wise, Chas Collier and Bob Heyhoe


Nov 2010

Reunion- Chairmans report, Entry Bard's latest Ode, Mick Martin potted history, Brat Chat forn Tim Cherry, Ray Thompson and Frank D-P


Oct 2010

First Postings from Ray Thompson, Potted History form Tim Cherry, Brat chat from Bob Heyhoe, Ray Thompson, 'Buck' Carvethand Keith Tippey
Photo spotting from Ray Thompson

Sept 2010

Brat chat from 'Old Man' Parker, Jim Gordon, Ray Thompson, Dickie Bird and Chas.
'Here-and-Now' from Chas
Photo spotting from Ray Thompson

Aug 2010

Brat chat from Chas Collier and Dallas Payne.
Photo spotting from Dave Hurst.
'Here and Now' from Danny Breen.
Sad news about Bob Gulliver

July 2010

Potted History from Peter 'Bilko' Knowles.
Brat chat from Chas Collier and Vic Wise and Speedy Annis.
Photo news from Ray Thompson

June 2010

'Halton Remembered' from Norm Allan
Brat chat from Jock Black, Baz Mason,
Chas Collier and Tony Watson
Potted History from Keith Tippey.
Plus some sad news from Sam Weller.


May 2010

Lots of Brat chat and Potted History in this issue - Chas recalls his recent trip to Australasia - PLUS new group from John Sturgeon.

April 2010

Eight new members found - potted biography's from “Bernie” Leverett and Brat Chat from Chas Collier, Vic Wise and Keith Tippey - PLUS new photos from Ray.



Feb 2010

Six new members found - potted biography's from Bob Gulliver and Vic Wise and Brat Chat from Chas Collier.



Jan 2010

New style Despatches - three new members found - potted biography's from John Black and Chas Collier, Brat Chat from Chas Collier our new editor.




Dec 2009

Last Issue from retiring editor Sam Weller: Summary of new web site and latest developments in communications: Potted history from Bill Carman, Brat Chat from Bob Heyhoe, Sam Weller, Barry Slater and Ray Thompson: Welcome from Chas Collier, our new 90th Entry Society Despatches Editor.




Nov 2009

The future of the society / Jeff Morris goes from strength to strength in Canada/ Chas Colliers bath time story / The Chairman Selection Process is set up and now underway.



Oct  2009

The new web site/ the new committee/spring gathering at Newark / Our lunch at the Barley Mow pub/ Tony Fulford career article.



Sept 2009

Barry Mason’s Far-Eastern reunion / Aircrew by Chas Collier.




Aug 2009

Roll of Honor / Reunion 2010/ Mike Gelding’s career/ Barry Mason’s, Chas Collier’s & Sam Weller’s brat chat.




July 2009

The gathering at Wellesbourne Mountford



Jun 2009

Then & now photos / Jeff Morris receiving accolades in Canada / more potted careers & brat chat





May 2009

Brat chat from Frank D-P, Keith Evan, Chas Collier, Norm Allen& Ray Thompson . Finally – the best of the V bombers





Apr 2009

More Facebook details + Brat chat from Denton-Powell, Danny Breen, Michael Lowman, Bob Heyhoe & Crock Branchett




Mar 2009

Face book chat room details / Giles Lowman & John Haimes potted careers / Jim Gordon’s aircraft production at Halton / Chas Collier’s El Adem with grass / Croc Branchett’s, Geoff Logan’s & Danny Breen’s brat chat’s and Frank Denton-Powell at Gatow




Feb 2009

Al Cresswell’s & Norm Allen’s potted careers + brat chat from Vic Wise, Chas Collier, Ray Thompson & Norm Allen.




Jan 2009

Giles Lowmans' potted career, Brat chat from Chas Collier - mini reunions in Australia and Yorkshire.




Dec 2008

Aden days - 7 the last one! / Oz gathering




Nov 2008

Western Australian gathering - Great North run - 1958 Picture identification




Oct 2008

Aden days 6 /Mike Golding’s brat chat / Oz newspaper cutting / Croc Branchett’s poem / Sam ‘s Window dedication speech




Sept 2008

Danny Breen’s & Al Scott’s potted careers /Dave Hurst’s brat chat.




Aug 2008

Entry Shield’ Latin motto deciphered
Aden days 5 / Bob Heyhoe’s brat chat.




July 2008

Ray Thompson’s brat chat / Aden days 4 /Speedy Annis’ & Frank Denton-Powell’s brat chat.


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